Jina Sumedi was born in Holland in 1968 to a Danish mother and an Indonesian father who met and married in London.
With such an international background it is hardly surprising that she spends a lot of her time travelling. In her capacity of piano/keyboard player she toured the world with different groups.

She is active as an arranger/composer/producer; she wrote sound-tracks for three different films and is currently working on her fourth. She also composes for the theatre and several CD productions.

As a result of her musical upbringing by a mother who likes the classical, whereas her father prefers more swinging music, she considers it a challenge to reconcile the many different styles of music on offer in this world. She has been introduced to and inspired by an amazing amount of very different musical traditions during her travels, but nevertheless has developed a style of her own - a modern sound with a natural flow - and she sometimes enjoys combining electronic sounds with those of traditional instruments or ensembles.

She has a modest but modern recording studio, suitable for small ensembles, where she can work on various projects and is able to print her own music.

Jina regrets that a day has only 24 hours.

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